Mekong Tourism Forum 2016

Authentic Travel Experiences are Common Sense

Developing and sustaining authentic travel experiences is “common sense” according to Rory Hunter, CEO of Song Saa Resort.

“Of course we want to look after our people. Of course we want to look after our environment. And of course we want to offer an experience to people who will appreciate it and feel that they are contributing to its protection by virtue of their visit,” he said.

Mr Hunter joined Kyi Kyi Aye, Senior Tourism Advisor with the Myanmar Tourism Foundation; Lucy Peng, Manager at Tang Dynasty Travels; Sokun Chanpreda, CEO of HMD Asia; and Inthy Deunsavan, CEO of Green Discovery Laos & Inthira Hotels on a keynote panel at Mekong Tourism Forum 2016, July 6.

The panel discussion was moderated by Yaana Ventures and Khiri Travel Chairman Willem Neimeijer.

One of the initiatives of …

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